Sunday, August 12, 2007

To my Annonymous fan who is in love with me.

Email me! Lets chat :p

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seriously Ladies

Ok.. whats with all the female facial hair these days???

I understand that birth control and other type of medication can cause facial hair amongst some women... and I sympathise, really! But its time to accept that if you've got it, you shouldn't.

Shave it, wax it, whatever... this is one part of the equal rights debate gone way to far.

Good day.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


So after 7.5 years working for the same company, and 7 year in the same location, I am being transfered.

Not too far or anything, its actually closer to home. i still have mixed feelings about it. I have gained many friends and built up alot of respect and trust. I keep the wheels moving there and its sad to go. All of my silly jokes, and sarcastic comments will need to be put completley in check as no one of the 100 or so new people I will be working with with have any idea who I am. The effectivley crushed who I am and what I am all about.

I think of myself as hard working, knowledgable, and helpful on one hand; And funny, goofy, and at times, completly outrageous on the other hand.

No longer will I be able to use my trademark jokes... for example, I will not be able to walk up to one of my employees who just droped something on the floor and go "What the fuck is wrong with you?" or when someone comes up and goes "Chris, where do we keep the reciept paper?"
I will no long be able to reply with "Up your ass and around the corner."

I hope I can eventually build back to that level, but for now the REAL Chris. is Dead.

Peace out yo.

Happy Birthday Canada

Ahhh... what a depressing day. Normally I love Canada Day, but this year it feels so Empty. I worked and then spent the evening alone! Oh what fun eh? Ahh we'll I suppose I could have been more pro-active about making plans, so whatever.

On a side note... with yesterday being the last day of School for the 2005-2006 year I realise I graduated 8 years ago. Wow time flies... and wow what a bust? What the fuck am I doing with my life. Ahhh the eternal question that only I can answer for myself.

P.P.S. I would be writing music but my guitar sits with a broken string!! ARRGGGG... its like an extra slap in the face. LOL.

C. out

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So... what now??

So as I sit here in the evening and reflect on my day... (and my average day off work for that matter) I find myself wondering "What the fuck?"

Why did I just waste most of an entire day off work doing nothing at all?... I literally sat here most of the day... What the fuck?

Why can I not find motivation to do anything anymore?... I dont feel like cleaning my house, I don't feeling like taking the pile of crap in my front yard to the dump, I don't feel like fixing one of my two cars (neither of which have been on the road in about 1.5 years), I dont feel like searching for jobs. I do, however, feel like expanding my skills as a guitarist/musician, I keep trying to write new songs, something I seem to be half decent at, though the lyrics are a challenge, I don't want to just write about any old bullshit... problem is every time I pick up my guitar I feel guilty that I am not disciplined enough to complete life's chores before studying my hobbies, and it completley kills my motivation (hey, not a bad idea for a song)... What the fuck?

Why am I still in the same job after 7 years? Seriously, what the hell am I thinking. I know I like having the security of a paycheque, but I can always be searching. I have outgrown my job so much. There is nothing more I can learn, and I'm not moving up. The people I have to work with have no clue how to work as a team, I could do my job backwards and upside down and still have time to do everyone else's shit. I get paid at least $10 000 less per year than I am worth. So I sit in debt, working my ass off! I worked 60 hours last week to try to make some extra cash... Why am I settling for having to do that? Why am I still there?... What the fuck?

What the hell am I doing with my life... seems to be wasting away. I have a shitloads of potential to do anything I want, but I'm too lazy to get off my ass and make some changes. The fact that I can see all of this so clearly makes it 10 times worse... What the fuck?

Will someone please come and kick my ass on a daily basis until I do something about all this? Please???

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Today there was massive amounts of Hockey on TV! From 3pm until about 11:15 pm... over 8 hours!!! NICE.

Playoff hockey is the best... It is unbelivably competitive. and the Edmonton - Detroit game went into double overtime... this allowed me to have a reason to keep drinking beer! Whoo hoo!

I really don't understand my interest in sports over the past few year, but I'm happy about it. I was never into any sports growing up, other than motorsports. My stepdad probably had alot to do with that as he tried to force me into sports which I had no clue about; but thats another blog alltogether.

Right now I am pulling for Calgary to win the cup, but I'll be happy if any Canadian team wins. Last season when Tampa Bay won it wasn't too bad as most of their players were Canadian at the time. Detroit, being the #1 team in the NHL obviously deserves to win, I can respect that. I honestly know anything about any eastern teams this season... I blame this on the NHL's new cost saving schedual.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed... Go Calgary Go!

To Blog or not to Blog?

I'm not really sure why I am so hit or miss with this blogging thing. I'll go on a long Hiatus then come back with a vengence, then nothing again for 4 months. I just dont understand where the lack of motivation comes from.

Another thing too... I seem to have really topped the Customers Suck stories... I dont want to keep telling the same stories over and over, so I don't know If I should continue here or go with a full tilt run on my other blog comments on this decision would be appriciated. For now Ill just run some unrelated posts here.

Let me know!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ok, so normally I really dont give a crap what people think about me or what I have to say, but this time is different.

I seem to be in a very depressed state of mind lately... I dunno if its the time of year or what... but to all my friends I am sorry for my last post. I was meaningless and stupid and I know I could count on you guys anytime.

I guess I am at a crossroads in life right now. I am 26 and I really haven't done anything... like at all. Ive been working at the same shitty job for 7 years now and I am seriously considering a drastic change in my career. Entering a trade is looking like a good possibility. It's not REALLY what I want to do, but it wouldn't be a bad job. The oppourtunities right now are huge and the money will be good... allthough anything that doesnt involove serving customers food sounds good right about now! I would REALLY love to get my music goig on the side, but I can't even get motivated to play latley... what the fuck is that about eh? Music is everything to me!

I am so confused... it'll take me a little while to sort my head out... my yearly review is on monday and I guess however that goes will help me make up my mind.

To those who care, please wish me luck!


Friday, January 13, 2006

A New Year and My Birthday

Well... Ive thought a bit about my life so far, and being in 2006 and where I am I have decided I am depressed about it. Not that anyone really cares, but I really need to move on and get a new career I belive.

Adding to this depression I would like to thank the members of my family and the 5 co-workers (out of about 85) who wished me a happy birthday. Even tho aging is depressing, it still would have been nice if a couple of my friends remembered it.

Anyhow thats my non-funny, upset, crap-assed depressing rant for tonight.

Fuck You very much :)